It’s no secret that water and oil don’t mix. But that doesn’t mean it can’t for brief periods.

At least not without a little bit of motivation. At Canada Pipeline Accessories, we never pass up the opportunity to push the envelope, and we’ve achieved exactly that with our line of Flo2Gether Static Mixers.

Even the most stubborn fluid mixtures that naturally stratify or refuse to mix easily together – like water and oil – can now be mixed with our patented design of static mixers, which are specifically optimized through thousands of hours of CFD for these tricky situations.

But first, why is proper mixing important?

Proper sampling of a fluid requires a good representative sample. This sample must be a demonstration of the components and their proportions in the bulk fluid movement. This is made even more difficult since quite often these components are immiscible – they do not want to mix on their own and they naturally separate out into distinctive layers.

So proper mixing is required. Some sort of mixing device is needed to carefully blend these components into a single, homogenous mixture, so that it can be properly extracted for sampling. Otherwise, the sample will only be taken from one of the distinctive mixture components.

What are the challenges with mixing applications?

Immiscible fluids do not want to stay mixed. Even when fully mixed, this is a temporary state, and after a period of time or distance in the pipe, they will separate back out into their different components, even after they have been agitated by elbows, tees, valves or even mixers.

So how do you ensure proper mixing?

CPA’s Flo2Gether line of static mixers are cutting-edge products that produce a homogenous mixture with immiscible fluids. Designed entirely in-house by our engineers who leverage decades of experience in fluid dynamics, we’ve come up with a modern-day solution for one of the most common issues in the engineering industry.

All in the design

The answer is in the design of our products. We offer various options for static mixers by themselves or together with flow conditioners, including the Multi-Stage Mixer Assembly and Single-Stage Mixing Plate.

Multi-Stage Mixer Assembly, CPA MSMA

Our dual plate construction is designed to achieve complete mixing within 3-5D of the mixer outlet. This static mixer is optimized for horizontal mixing applications when a vertical mixing loop is not available.

Its front pre-mixer plate creates large-scale fluid movement to disrupt stratified flows, while the rear main mixer plate produces small-scale fluid movements to disperse and evenly mix the fluid.

Single-State Mixing Plate, CPA SSRVM

Our single plate construction is optimized for vertical mixing applications and intended for gas mixing applications and liquids with less stratification. 

Even more compact than other options, the single-stage mixer requires less space and can be installed in line with multiple mixers to achieve more aggressive flow mixing.

Only the most reliable parts

Like all CPA products, our mixers are designed and validated using advanced CFD software and field-tested extensively with customer participation.

At Canada Pipeline Accessories, parts and results don’t come together by accident. Every element of our construction with static mixers and all our products is intentional and meant to perform at the highest standards.

Experience the best-in-class flow measurement equipment today from a team that cares the most. Let us help you identify and solve your mixing problems today. Contact us for a free consultation.