Our world is full of complex engineering marvels. From throughout human history, complex creations full of different pieces working together have helped to shape our world. From the large sailing ships that circumnavigated the globe, to the Apollo space missions that took man to the Moon, all of them contained hundreds of components working together in harmony to create movement and exploration.

However, while complex machines are great at capturing our imagination, they also run a higher risk of failure. Some of the most reliable tools and machines we use are also the most simple. The fewer the pieces, the fewer things that can break.

The Beauty of the Wrench

Think about one of the most simple items in our toolbox: the wrench. Provided it’s made out of an appropriate material, a wrench can last forever. It is designed for one purpose, and has no moving parts. It does one thing, really well. There are countless mechanics using the same wrenches they bought at the beginning of their career, potentially even inherited from generations earlier. Even though there are sockets, ratchets, impact wrenches and more, the wrench has never been replaced because of its simplicity.

It’s the mindset that we use to build our flow conditioners: the less complex a part is, the lower the risk of it failing. When you think about small pieces across a much larger project, the chance of failure becomes very real.

Objects in the pipe are not static. Everything is constantly trying to move, whether it was designed to or not, and in fluid flows, parts vibrate due to vortex shedding. This results in severe component fatigue which, over time, could lead to failure. So if your pipeline components are made from many smaller parts, the chance of those tiny pieces breaking and causing serious damage is much greater than using a simple component, made from one solid piece of material.

Even the construction of the components can be a source of concern. Welds can become a source of corrosion, leakage, fatigue, cracking, and eventually failure. This is why CPA ensures that if any welding must be done, it is not structural or significant to the construction of the device.

CPA ensures that our products are made in Canada, with the fewest number of parts and components possible. In many cases, we machine our parts out of a single piece of high-grade steel. Our products buy you peace of mind, because there’s simply less that can go wrong. As well, less destructive testing has to be conducted, no welds need to be x-rayed, and there is no need to perform a hydrotest in many cases.

Simply the Best

Within the complex world of pipeline flow, simple components create peace of mind, save you time and money, and strengthen the integrity of your project. At Canada Pipeline Accessories, we ensure we are building the highest quality products because we build them out of the best materials possible, with the least amount of separate components and moving parts. Even if you are in need of a custom project, our team ensures that it is built right, and built to last. Contact us today to further discuss our products, their warranties, and how simple parts give you decades of flow.