Flow Conditioners

Flow Conditioners

The CPA 50E Flow Conditioner

The CPA 50E flow conditioner is the simplest and most technically advanced solution for your flow conditioning needs. Extensively evaluated by independent laboratories, the affordable CPA 50E provides the fully developed, swirl-free flow profile required for repeatable, error-free measurement with all types of flow meters. While designed for high-pressure natural gas applications, the CPA 50E is and effective choice for all fluid applications.

The CPA 50E flow conditioner provides stable performance downstream of even the most demanding installations ensuring worry-free measurement.

Research & Papers

Flow Conditioner and Effects on Accuracy for Fluid Flow Measurement

This paper overviews the installation effects which must be managed when using flow conditioning to create optimal flow conditions. It details the specifics of a fully developed velocity profile, the effect this has on measurement accuracy as well as the significance of the turbulence intensity on meter performance. The goal of this paper is to help clarify the importance of flow conditioning in maximizing meter performance.

Effect of Flow Conditioners and Pulsation on Performance of an 8" Multipath Ultrasonic Meters

This report presents the results of NPS - 8" flow conditioner installation effects research work with ultrasonic meters. The CPACL NOVA 50E flow conditioner improves the performance of both ultrasonic meters resulting in a near baseline performance. The performance of the 19 tube bundle is inconsistent and hence deemed to be unsatisfactory.

Custody Transfer Implementation of Multipath Ultrasonic Meters

An operationally based paper outlining the performance results of a large diameter metering facility utilizing ultrasonic meters and NOVA 50E Flow Conditioners. The facility is a large diameter NPS 20 inch bi-directional facility.

Most noteworthy of this paper are the results attached at the end of the paper outlining typical perfromance results for a multipath ultrasonic meter and a single point ultrasonic meter installed in a series configuration. A primary (multipath meter) to secondary (single path) comparison of very low percent difference can only be achieved if the flow conditions are ideal. This is strong evidence that the NOVA 50 E flow conditioner provides fully developed flow conditions.

Flow Conditioning for Natural Gas Measurement

An entry level paper which is used to provide a technical overview for the measurement practitioner who is not involved in the technology.  Overview is provided for Orifice Meters, Turbine meters and Ultrasonic meters.

The Centaur Project

The Centaur project began in January of 1999 as a design for a suitable traceable reference for TransCanada Calibrations multimillion dollar high pressure test facility. It's design includes a NOVA 50E flow conditioner, multipath ultrasonic meter, reference turbine meter and meter tubes with a fusion bonded epoxy coating applied to their internals.

Effects of Turbulence on Orifice Meter Performance

This paper provides a very technical background relating to the effects of velocity profile and turbulence profile on orifice metering. At the time of the writing of this paper, the NOVA model 50E was not yet invented. The paper is the results of work to identify and understand how various installation effects may change the coefficient of discharge utilized in flow standards. This research was the first step in identifying that the 19 tube bundle flow conditioners have severe drawbacks relating to the stable generation of a zero error repeatable flow velocity profile.  This information initiated a strong efforts to develop the NOVA 50E (CPACL) Flow Conditioner plate. It is essential reading to those who wish to understand the impetus behind the flow conditioner development surge.

Orifice Meter Installation Effects

This paper does not provide performance of flow conditioner perforated plates, but it does provide clear evidence as to why the classical 19 tube bundles does not work. A very good reference paper to show why alternate technologies were developed.

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