• Flow Conditioner Diagram

    Flow Conditioners:

    For Maximizing Flow Meter Accuracy

    An industry standard for over a decade, the CPA 50E flow conditioner is the simplest and most technically advanced solution for your flow conditioning needs. The cost effective CPA 50E provides the fully developed, swirl-free flow profile that is required for repeatable, error-free measurement with most types of flow meters. The CPA50E is applicable to all gases and fluids.

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  • Flow Nozzles Diagram

    Flow Nozzles:

    For Over Speed Protection and Flow Metering

    Canada Pipeline Accessories presents the best solution for your flow regulation and calibration needs: our critical flow sonic nozzles. Offered in different flange varieties and available in compliance with many different standards, our venturi nozzles can be manufactured to protect all types of positive displacement, turbine and orifice meters.

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  • CPA Fluid Dynamics Diagram

    CPA Fluid Dynamics:

    For Ensuring The Best Meter Station Design

    CPA fluid dynamics allows the flow within a meter station to be examined to help discover and eliminate potential problems before the station design is finalized. An affordable service that can help eliminate significant measurement errors, it can also assist users in diagnosing and solving problems with existing meter station installations.

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  • Contact Canadian Pipeline Accessories

    CPA Regulatory Affairs:

    For Assistance with Measurement Standards and Meter Run Compliance

    Canada Pipeline Accessories provides help and design guidance for use of CPA flow conditioners in applications where flow measurement standards must be followed.

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Welcome to Canada Pipeline Accessories

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Canada Pipeline Accessories is dedicated to the improvement of flow measurement accuracy through the provision of leading-edge equipment and engineering services. This includes the custom design and manufacture of flow conditioners, flow nozzles and custom items not otherwise available. We also offer private consultation on meter station designs and metering problems with the use of our extensive fluid dynamic experience and computational fluid dynamics resources. Our experience, knowledge and commitment assure our customers of expert solutions to all of their flow measurement and meter station requirements.

WARNING:  Recommended meter run lengths cannot replace flow measurement guidelines or standards.  There are other requirements for a compliant meter run and the standard must be carefully considered.  It is essential that your customers approve of your chosen meter run dimensions prior to construction.  Canada Pipeline Accessories Co. LTD will not be held responsible for disapproval of meter run dimensions as recommended lengths are minimum meter run distances.

The design and performance data available is only applicable to the CPA 50E Flow Conditioner.  Such data is considered proprietary and may not be used or copied without Canada Pipeline Accessories’ written permission.  In addition Canada Pipeline Accessories, CPA 50E, CPA and 50E are registered trademarks owned by Canada Pipeline Accessories.

Shows & Conferences

  • 14th - 16th, May, 2013

    International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement (ISHM), Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

  • 16th - 18th, July, 2013

    CEESI Ultrasonic Meter User's Workshop, Denver, Colorado.

  • 6th - 9th, August, 2013

    Appalachian Gas Measurement Short Course (AGMSC), Moon Township, Pennsylvania.

  • 16th - 19th, September, 2013

    American School of Gas Measurement Technology (ASGMT), Houston, Texas.